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官方网站_如果说詹姆斯传给格林是错的 那这球怎么解释?
发布时间:2021-10-07 06:07:02

   Beijing time on October 10th, in Game 5 of the NBA Finals, the Lakers reluctantly lost the Heat. At the critical moment of the game, James broke the ball to Green, who made a three-pointer. This offense made the Lakers lose hope of winning five games.


   After the game, Green was scolded to the top of the hot search in the United States almost immediately. This is not surprising, after all, his hand feel since the playoffs is really outrageous. But at the same time, James' choice has also been questioned by many people.


   Some netizens asked Lillard whether James made the right pass.


   Lillard replied: "He made the right choice. But if it were me, I would choose to shoot myself."


   This is very relevant. Perhaps some fans will appreciate the guidance of life and death. But at the same time, this is the difference between James and him.


  James, always keep calm and always calculate which option is the best solution at a critical moment.


   Looking back at James’ offense again: Opposing Butler-Green fake pick-and-roll-Robinson gave up Green to double-up James-Claude reached out and tried to cut the ball-Adebayor was ready to jump and block at the basket.


   Except for Crowder's symbolic participation in the defense, James this is a real 1V3.


亚博全站手机网页版   rushed to the basket, and the Heat had already shown a defensive situation where all five of them had contracted. At this time, Green got a big open outside the three-point line, and James gave him the ball, which is undoubtedly the most calm and most suitable choice.


   Life and death battle, life and death ball, can attract the defensive attention of the opponent team alone, create such a wide shooting space for teammates, and pass the ball in place...


   This is not James' fault, it is his talent.


   Fans who have followed the Lakers all season will not forget this ball. On November 2, 2019, the Lakers challenged the Lone Ranger away. On the final attack in regular time, the Lakers trailed by 3 points. James held the ball and jumped to the basket. Facing the two defenses, he chose to pass the ball to Danny Green in the corner. The latter raised his hand to buzzer and hit a three-pointer. The game dragged into overtime.

整个赛季跟随湖人队的球迷不会忘记这个球。 2019年11月2日,湖人挑战独行侠。在常规时间的最后一次进攻中,湖人落后3分。詹姆斯握住球跳到篮子。面对这两次防守,他选择将球传给角落的丹尼·格林。后者将手举至蜂鸣器并击中三分球。游戏拖入了加时赛。

   Compared with today's pass, this lore assist against the Lone Ranger, James faced less defensive pressure at the basket and had more confidence in his own play, but he still chose a teammate who believed in the open position. It is precisely because he and Green have done similar things that he dare to do it again today.


   has been proven to be the right thing, why can’t it happen again?


   As another trailblazer player CJ said: "I also want to see James carry three people to do it by himself, but his pass is indeed the right thing."


   The whole world wants James to do it himself, but James does not.


   James does not do what others want him to do, nor does he do relatively handsome, cool, and legendary things.


   James only does the right things.


   This is James, why is James.




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